We Buy Houses in Houston Texas

If you need to sell your home in the Houston area, look no further than FHG Interests – we buy houses in Houston, TX and can get you cash for your home no matter what condition it may be in and no matter the legal barriers which may be standing in the way of letting you sell. We buy houses in Houston, TX from homeowners facing bankruptcy, divorce, liens against the property, and certain other obstacles.

FHG Interests is a professional real estate acquisition company with a team of knowledgeable real estate buyers on staff who can help you examine all of your available real estate options when facing major life events. For example, if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, then it may be in your best interest to sell your property before filing so you have a chance of making some cash from the home before the bankruptcy judgment is handed down. Where we can help is in getting you a cash offer for your qualifying home immediately – not within weeks or months, but within 24 hours.

Divorce is another reason to explore your real estate options. The problem with real estate involved in a divorce is that if the property was purchased during the marriage, then it becomes jointly owned by each spouse. However, both parties may not agree to bear the burden of renovating the property for sale or sitting on the property until it sells. In these cases, it may be more beneficial to each party to sell the home to FHG Interests for immediate cash rather than trying to coordinate the sale together. We buy houses in Houston, TX all the time and we’ve helped dozens of divorcing property owners liquidate their homes fast.

Some people might be putting off trying to sell their home because they want to fix it up so they can bring in as much profit as possible. Although a good idea in theory, many people will simply put off renovations for one reason or another or throw money into renovations only to have the home go unsold for longer than expected. With FHG Interests, homeowners can get cash for their homes no matter what condition the homes might be in – and we take the risk that the property won’t sell anytime soon. When we buy houses in Houston, TX, we become responsible for the condition of the property – which means that you can make a profit off the sale of your qualifying home without having to put in sweat equity or hiring a contractor.

See if your home qualifies by using the property information form on our website. If it does qualify, then one of our property purchasing representatives will review your form entries and contact you with an offer. We may also set up an appointment for one of our representatives to view your property in person prior to making an offer.

For more information about how you can win when we buy houses in Houston, TX, or for answers to your questions regarding the selling process, contact FHG Interests today to speak with one of our professional property buyers. Call FHG Interests at 281-202-4273.